LEARN TO ... never mind

Sometimes, life keeps throwing curve balls our way. Miss after miss after miss - then you strike out. Then, you're relegated to the bench... Nothing worse ...

So, What'ya gonna do?' asks your voice of reason?

Your choices:

a Stay on the bench

b Lie down on the bench and just let life roll over you

c Say, 'Hell NO ....." and get up ... and try, try again

Hopefully, if:

a - you'll soon get bored and get up and carry on ...

b - after much reflection and gazing at the sky, get up and carry on ...

c - METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING - stand on the bench, beat your chest and roar, 'I will not be defeated".

Acorns become oak trees. Baby blue whales, once small, become huge ... Sky scrapers begin as just a few stones and bricks ...

Get out there!

Be an acorn - ground yourself, set down some roots, then grow, grow, grow until you are the much admired oak tree - whether for your skill, judgement, tenacity, talent, capacity ...

Sitting on the bench, you'll not grow ...

How does this relate to loving yourself - ??? HOW can you love yourself when you allow others to relegate you to the bench? How, if you allow life's curve balls to keep grounding you? HOW if you keep avoiding the game, for fear of coming across curved balls?

I once heard, in a movie, "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived."

We all need to take heed of this advice. ...

Get off the bench. Get out of bed. START LIVING ... be brave ...

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