LEARN TO ...Sunday Morning ...

It's Sunday morning... shake off the blues... Let go of your hang-ups and inhibitions; let go of toxic relationships; let go of guilt; let go of self-recrimination; let go of emotional baggage - you know, the 'I could have done better' or 'I'm a failure' - DROP THOSE BAGS OFF A VIRTUAL CLIFF. Go to a new bag shop and pick up bags of OPPORTUNITY AND WILLINGNESS TO UNDERGO SELF-IMPROVEMENT - very different bags, bags full of openness to LEARN.

Imagine that you are going to fill those bags with self-respect and live for self - let go of hang ups and stop giving yourself a hard time, invariably much harder than the time you give others.

A good way to let go is to ... DANCE - you don't have to go to a club to dance - dance at home: in the kitchen, in the lounge, the bedroom [a great place for dancing!!! ] ...

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