LEARN TO ... decompress

Stress ... Life is full of it. Never have we been more micro-managed, monitored, tested, watched and judged. And yet, more and more is expected of us as we live our lives - children's activities and assessments, hobbies and the like ... job security issues ...

You may find that your existence has been squeezed into a tiny space, a micro-slot of leftover time ...

Learn to love yourself. Learn to set some time aside for yourself. Negotiate with family, children. Beg, borrow, steal time ... e.g. do turn-taking for lifts to clubs and activities , bulk cook and cook ahead so you have a meal ready, from the freezer, at least one night a week, where there's no cooking - just reheating. Get you children to help clear the table etc. Then use your accrued time wisely, to DECOMPRESS.

HOW to decompress - what relaxes you and makes you happy? What did you like to do, before you didn't have time?

A If you can jog, get out and rekindle your intimate relationship with the pavement

B If you like music, find your inner musician again

C Revisit you hobby - drawing painting, cycling, kayaking ...

D Read a novel - lose yourself in a book, a great way to decompress

E DANCING - amazing way to decompress

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