LEARN TO ... get in touch with your inner child

There have been so many occasions when my children have taught me invaluable lessons:

1 Christmas Eve, many moons ago - my youngest sprinkled rainbow dust for Santa's landing outside our house [LITERALLY ...] with absolute and utter enthusiasm, total and complete excitement and 100% belief that this would make the reindeers cometh - the point is this: HIS FAITH WAS UNQUESTIONING; HIS BELIEF WAS TRUE: HIS CONVICTION WAS STEADFAST.

So - the lesson here - learn to have faith that better things are to come ... believe and believe some more. When you are more positive, happiness will find you and that's a big step to loving yourself. This is a little bit of CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - change your thoughts and eventually, your behaviour should change.

2 WATCH and learn - watch a baby giggling uncontrollably - it's contagious ... and when you're laughing heartily, you'll feel sunnier inside and you'll chuckle away the blues. You could call this VICARIOUS LEARNING if you want the psychological blurb ...

3 PLAY - play a game, whether it be a board game or tickle or ... - playing helps us to relax and take on a new perspective. Wii sport Wii Dance... all great for letting go of tension, unwinding and having fun - do take care and stretch muscles before Wii Sport. If you are not used to being active, you can pull something ...

4 PAINT and COLOUR and DRAW - children love art and if you try it, you'll find that you will become immersed inn a creative world, which helps you forget any blues, even if just for a while - paint for long enough, and you'll enter the creative zone, and maybe even take it up as a hobby and before long, like learning any new skill, you'll have more self-esteem.

5 SING - sing your heart out - have you noticed how children sing a lot and love to sing? They are unreserved and generally don't care if they are not Pavarotti, Ed S, The Boss, or whoever ... Singing is great therapy on so many levels:

a you breathe more deeply when you sing and this process helps - instead of the shallow, ineffective type of breathing you may tend to do is stressed or anxious

b Singing helps put you in contact with your soul

c Join a group of singers such as a choir or ... It's an amazing way to make new friends, gets you out of the house, and that is good for you. So, run for the hills and find THE SOUND OF MUSIC ... your heart will sing ...

6 BAKE COOKIES - like the ones you make with kids and put happy, smiley faces on them - make them uber-tasty, then indulge yourself and EAT one! Also READ A CHILDREN'S STORY BOOK - e.g. The Gingerbread Man; The Three Sillies:

IMMERSE YOURSELF INTO THE WORLD OF A CHILD - albeit for a while - and leave your cares and worries behind for a while. Sometimes, we forget about all the little things which can ameliorate our levels of happiness, joy and self-esteem.



And have some more love too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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