Learn to love yourself - one way is to look at a different perspective and one manner of doing this is by LEARNING A NEW SKILL ... Find something you are interested in or have always fancied learning, but daren't or didn't find the time or ...

Do it; try it; make the time, even if just a little to begin with. LOVE YOURSELF enough to find the time to devote to yourself for the acquisition of a new skill.

Think about the buzz in a junior-school classroom - when the children are learning something new, they are happy and contented.

Let's think about rewards - the children are NOT paid a wage, yet they LOVE to go to school at that age and they LOVE to learn - let's take a leaf out of their book. They are working for INTRINSIC REWARDS, things such as pride and satisfaction. Intrinsic rewards are often the most powerful reward systems of all, especially for long-term learning.

The positive gains from learning a new skill will pay dividends:

SOCIAL GAINS - generally learning involves some club, group or other people

PSYCHOLOGICAL GAINS - happiness, self-respect, improved self-worth

SKILL GAINS - depends what you learn ... music, a language, a work-place skill ?

SO - LOVE TO LEARN and you'll be another step closer to loving who you are ...

TTFN xxxxxx sending lots and lots and lots of love xxxxx

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