Little Bo Peep Can't Sleep

Sometimes, sleep eludes me. Not that I'm not tired ... So, I've done a cursory look into likely causes of insomnia as well as things which promote sleep.

Too much sugar in your diet [guilty] is not good for aiding sleep as it can wreak havoc with blood sugar levels ...

Rushing around too much late on in the day [guilty] ...

Not winding down before bed [sooo guilty]

Worrying about things [guilty]

Not eating a properly balanced diet that day as 'busy' and 'tired' [yep - guilty]

Possibly caffeine overload in blodd [really very probable I am a tea belly]

To promote better sleep in future, thus promoting a better mood, thus leading to happiness ... I shall endeavour to:

1 eat lots of lettuce [it contains chemicals which help you sleep]

2 drink less tea

3 really reduce the sugar-content of my diet

4 ensure I RELAX before retiring to bed - I shall try meditation, yoga and mindfulness [not cherry brandy, coconut-rum or similar ...]

I will keep you posted, as well as doing a more extensive search into good, healthy sleep and how to get more ... How can I love anyone when this exhausted and grumpy-tired?

Goodnight - I am hopefully going to achieve a decent night's sleep ...

P.S. Yes - lack of sleep is a contributory factor to poor health, poor state of mind and poor mood - so it will be promoted being in the top section of the list of to-do items ...

With [as much love as I can muster when I'd rather be asleep] xxx

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