All my life, I have subscribed to a motto: treat others as you wish to be treated.

So, I am kind to others, respectful, courteous ... as much as possible

But, step 1 on my road to learningtoLOVEmyself will be to practice self-kindness - many, many self-help gurus promote this concept. We have been conditioned to look after others - we are social creatures: sisters, brothers mothers, fathers ... and rightfully take dutiful and necessary care of others [nothing wrong with that at all]. BUT more-often-than-not, we neglect ourselves as a consequence, and are rarely kind to ourselves; worse, we are often mean to ourselves...

How many times have you beat-yourself-up? with condemnation and self-criticism??? Self-critique is important, as a tool for self-evaluation and general self-improvement et cetera. BUT we often cannot stop this tool ... and rarely give ourselves the grace, kindness and tolerance we allow others to enjoy.

STOP! Today! Now! This instant! Let's all try learningtoLOVEmyself - I am not suggesting never self-evaluating. But try it in a more positive way. Focus on seeing all the good in what you have tried and achieved before any critique of a negative kind - and when you do, try to be KIND TO YOURSELF - so that you are encouraged to keep trying and DO NOT QUIT before you have got anywhere.

IN SUMMARY - being kind to yourself should encourage you to keep trying, to keep going and should energise you, Self-loathing is a very heavy burden to carry! DROP THAT SACK OF SELF LOATHING and start learningtoLOVE YOURSELF.

FINALLY to lighten the load along the way LEARN TO LAUGH - life is much, much better xxx

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